Codes: DC = Declaration of Candidacy; OIC = Out in Convention; RPC = Republican Party Candidate; OIP = Out in Primary; OIG = Out in General PFC = Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices; FCR = Financial Campaign Report.  The listed date is the date the form was filed in the Clerk’s Office.

Filed Intent to Gather Signatures

Notice of Intent to Gather Signatures for Candidacy (NIGS)

Filed Intent to Gather Signatures   Filed for Office 
Curt Hare NIGS 1-3-24 Commission Seat #3
Russell M. Finlinson 1-4-24 Commission Seat #3

2020 General Election Sample Ballot

2020 Republican Party Convention results



Commission Seat C:

Will have a Primary Election.


Will have a Primary Election

School Board:

School Board

District #1


District #2


District #3:  Will have a Primary Election

State & Federal:


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