2020 TAX SALE  – Postponed until May 2021

In response the outbreak of COVID‐19, the Millard County Auditor’s office, in accordance with Utah Code Annotated 59‐2‐1350, has recommended pulling the above listed parcel(s) from the 2020 sale in the interest of public health and safety.  On April 7, 2020, Millard County Commissioners finalized a resolution to halt all required actions to offer the delinquent parcel(s) for public auction on May 21, 2020.

While this action does stop the sale of the parcel(s), the following are still in effect:

  • Taxes for the parcel(s) are still delinquent. Removal from the sale does not change the
    delinquent status of the parcel(s) in any way.
  • Delinquent taxes will continue to accrue interest daily at the statutory rate (the rate varies for each year; 8.45% was the rate for the 2019 taxes but not for any of the prior years).
  • The parcel(s) will still incur additional penalties and fees for each year that remain(s) delinquent.

If the delinquent taxes are not paid prior to March 15, 2021, the above parcel(s) will be placed on the 2021 Tax Sale to be sold at public auction.

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