Assessor – Lora Fitch

The Assessor’s function is to assess all real property, personal property, and mobile homes at current fair market value.

Attorney – Patrick Finlinson

The county attorney prosecutes people who commit crimes or any public offense established by the state or the county. The attorney is unique in the fact that it’s the only county official required by the state constitution to be filled by an elected official.

Auditor – Bonnie Smith

The auditor is the fiscal officer for the county, responsible for maintenance and examination of the county’s finances. The final county budget must be certified by the auditor.

Clerk – Marki Rowley

The clerk, sometimes called the county “historian”, is the keeper of the county records and serves as the clerk of the Fourth District Court. Clerks present the agenda and minutes for county meetings assuring openness and transparency in county government.


Vicki Lyman: Seat A-1

Trevor Johnson: Seat B-2

Bill Wright: Seat C-3

County commissioners are the senior management of the county government. They enact rules and regulations governing county business, and pass all ordinances. They oversee the county’s budget to make sure taxpayers get the most value for their money.

Recorder – Sierra Dickens

The Millard County Recorder’s Office maintains records of property ownership, liens, mining, etc., as well as legal descriptions and plats of property in the county.

Sheriff – Richard Jacobson

The Sheriff’s Office is a constitutionally created office with duties prescribed by the Utah legislature. The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the county and is elected every 4 years.


The Millard County Recorder’s Office has been appointed to act as the depository for survey plats, which are required to be filed with the county surveyor as per Utah Code.

Treasurer – Debra Arnold

It is the main function of the Treasurer to bill and collect property taxes. Millard County Treasurer receives, deposits and invests all monies coming into the county.


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