Welcome to the official website for Millard County Government.

Established in 1851, Millard and its seat, Fillmore (named after Millard Fillmore, the president at the time) was located in the center of the Utah territory and built as the capital before the territorial legislature voted to keep the capitol building in Salt Lake City. 

The county, as it stands today, sports vast, arid land and gorgeous Utah vistas including mountain peaks, dozens of ponds and reservoirs, and Sevier Lake. It sports several wildlife management areas as well as part of the Fishlake National Forest.

Around 175 miles away from Salt Lake City, Millard County is home to over 13,000 people as of 2018. Much of the land is federally owned (78%) and nearly 15% of the county’s economy consists of farming.

Here you will find information and resources for county news and events, meetings, and county programs and services.

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