The link below takes you to the Utah State Tax Commission, Property Tax Division website with final approved tax rates and budgets listed by year.

Utah State Property Tax Division: approved rates and budgets


2023 – update

The property tax formula in the State of Utah provides the same revenue as the previous year to taxing entities such as Millard County, Millard County School District, Cities and Towns etc. All entities excluding Leamington town did not increase their tax rate. (Leamington Town increase would provide $2,719 more in revenue.) The tax rate fluctuates based on the total value of all county property, state assessed property and business personal property. Millard County’s 2023 tax rate is lower than last year’s tax rate due to this formula and is not collecting any additional revenue over last year.

Utah’s property tax rate formula -> LAST YEARS REVENUE  VALUE = RATE <- The rate fluctuates due to the total assessed values of all three types of property below. There is no adjustment for inflation in this formula. Therefore, without a tax rate increase entities must make the property tax revenue stretch to cover increasing costs, make cuts to the budget, or consider increased fees for services.

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