Duties & Functions

In Millard County, the Recorder’s Office WILL:

1. Be custodian for all recorded documents. (UCA 17-21-1)
2. Not alter any record. (UCA 17-21-17)
3. Check that a document meets the recording requirements before recording. (UCA 17-21-20)
4. Endorse all documents present for recording. (UCA 17-21-12)
5. Keep an index of all recorded documents. (UCA 17-21-5) (UCA 17-21-9)
6. Report all property changes to the County Assessor’s Office. (UCA 17-21-22)
7. Expect payment in advance. (UCA 17-21-18)
8. House the survey maps (these are indexed and available to the public for inspection during office hours, and copies are available for purchase.) (UCA 17-23-17(2)(B&C))
9. Keep records open to the public, Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. (excluding posted holidays) (UCA 17-21-19)
10. Maintain current property maps. (UCA 17-21-21)
11. Record military documents at no charge and provides copies of them at no charge. (UCA 17-21-14)
12. Sell copies of maps, surveys, microfilm, and copies of recorded documents including certified copies of documents. (UCA 17-21-19)
13. Give information only on the last vesting document over the phone.
14. Assist public in locating real property on maps.

In Millard County, the Recorders Office WILL NOT:

1. Furnish the remainder of a legal description to the public.
2. Give legal advice – We suggest you talk to an attorney for help.
3. Give out a computer abstract over the phone – This includes information on every document except the last vesting deed.
4. Give out legal descriptions over the phone.
5. Interpret recorded instruments for the public.
6. Look up mortgages, deeds of trust, reconveyances, assignments, or other documents unless provided with an entry number or book and page of said document.
7. Make title or lien searches for the public.
8. Prepare or alter legal documents or write legal descriptions for the public.
9. Proofread documents before recording them.
10. Provide shape files for the public, businesses, or surveyors.
11. Notarize documents.

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