Please present documents for recording prior to 4:30 p.m. Documents presented after 4:30 will be accepted at discretion of recording staff based on daily recording volume and office conditions.

(FEES UTAH CODE 17-21-18, 17-21-18.5) (EFFECTIVE 5-14-2019)

***If you are having trouble with fees for your document please feel free to email Sierra, Shonda, Sarah, or Laci a copy of your document and we would be happy to provide you with the correct fees***

All Documents
(containing up to 10 legal descriptions)
Each additional description, water unit, or mining claim after ten. (Including all "lots", "also", "together with", "less", "excepting", etc.)$2.00
Each right-of-way described after ten$2.00
Plat of Subdivision/Condominium, etc. per sheet$50.00
Plus additional fee for each lot or unit$2.00
Mining document
(containing up to 10 claims or legal descriptions)
Each mining claim after ten$2.00
Federal Tax Lien or Release of Tax Lien
(containing up to 10 legal descriptions)
Survey Filings (See the Utah State Code 17-23-17 )$40.00
Copies (per document)Customer
$0.50 per page
$1.00 per page
Certificate under seal (plus the cost of copies)$5.00
Ownership Plats 8.5x11 or 18x18$3.00
Abstract page Copies$3.00
Over-sized copies (per foot)$2.00
GIS Sec Cor Monument Position$5.00
Tie Sheet$1.00
Subdivision / Survey plats 18x18 or 24x36$5.00
Zoning Maps11x17
County Map11x17
Convenience Charge (Credit/Debit)2.5% of payment rendered$1.50 minimum
Survey/Subdivision Review (after 3 reviews)$150.00 per review
DIGITAL copy of all ownership maps as of Jan 1 current year***Must provide a new flash drive***$150.00
Copy Request Fee
**Contact office for more info**
$40.00 per hour
(Charged after first 30 min of personnel time.)
Military Discharge Record/CopiesNO CHARGE
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