The county legislative body (Millard County Commission) may accept less than the full amount of taxes due or defer all the taxes where, in their judgment, the best human interest and the interest of the state and the county are served.
UCA 59-2-1347.

The property owner may apply to the Millard County Commission for an adjustment or deferral of delinquent taxes using the following form(s):

PT-33 Application for Settlement or Deferral of Delinquent Property Tax

PT-33A Agreement of Lien Holder for Deferral or Settlement of Delinquent Taxes
(must be completed by Lien HolderĀ if there is a mortgage on the subject property)

The completed form(s) and ALL required informationĀ must be returned BEFORE any tax adjustment or deferral can be considered by the Millard County Commission. You may schedule a time on the Millard County Commission to present your application, or you may return the application to the Millard County Treasurer’s office and we will present the application on your behalf at the next regularly scheduled meeting. Once the application has been reviewed by the Millard County Commission, you will be notified of their decision.


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