Here you can find all the information you need to understand and engage with Millard County election processes.

NOTE: The 2022 Declaration of Filing Period has changed to Monday, February 28, 2022 through March 4, 2022, which also changes the deadline date for filing Intent to Gather Signatures to March 4, 2022.

Information regarding the 2022 Election can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Please note: Millard County’s ballot envelopes are a little different from this video and we don’t have all the expensive equipment; however, the processes are the same.

To ensure you receive a ballot, make sure you are registered and your mailing address is up to date.  To determine if you are registered, or to check that your voter registration is current, please visit, or call our office; 435-743-6223; 435-864-2440.  

Ballots be mailed approximately 21 days before each election.

If you do not receive a ballot, please contact our office and please DO NOT wait until it is too late.

How and when to return your ballot:

By Mail:

By Mail – Your ballot MUST be postmarked no later than the Monday before the election, in order for it to be counted.  (It is always good practice, as it gets closer to Election Day, to request a postmark on your ballot, when dropping it off at the post office.  This will eliminate the chance of your ballot not being counted due to it not being postmarked in time.)


Drop Box

Drop Box – Secure Ballot Drop Boxes will be available at the following locations:

    • Millard County Clerk’s Office; 765 S Hwy 99, Ste. 6, Fillmore, Utah (inside box) during business hours, through the Monday before each election and from 7:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
    • Public Safety Building; 765 S Hwy 99, Fillmore, Utah (outside box, located under the flagpole) 24 hours up to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
    • Millard County Satellite Offices; 71 S 200 W, Delta, Utah (outside box) 24 hours up to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
    • Millard County Offices; 50 South Main Street, Fillmore, Utah (outside box) 24 hours up to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Drop Boxes allow voters to drop their voted ballot, sealed in the signed envelope, at any one of the locations without having to put a stamp on the envelope.   Ballots dropped at drop boxes are regularly retrieved by election staff and delivered to the Clerk’s Office for counting on Election Day.

Polling Locations (Vote Centers)

Polling Locations (Vote Centers) – Election Day – Two vote centers will be available on Election Day and during Early Voting, for those who may require assistance, or may have issues with their ballot, i.e.: spoiled, torn or damaged, or did not receive a ballot, need to make name and/or address changes, missed the deadline to register to vote, etc., or simply wish to hand deliver their voted ballot.

  • Millard County Clerk’s Office; 765 S Hwy 99, Ste. 6, Fillmore, Utah, open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.
  • Millard County Satellite Offices; 71 S 200 W, Delta, Utah, open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

All voters registered in Millard County may drop off their voted ballot, in the sealed envelope, at any of the two vote centers (listed above) during County, State or Federal elections and the 2021 Municipal Election, or at one of the outside drop box locations: in Delta; 71 S 200 W or in Fillmore; 50 South Main Street, or 765 S Hwy 99, (24 hours a day, up to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day).

***The County will be contracting with the municipalities who have an Election in 2021; therefore, for this election, voters may use the drop boxes to deposit their ballots and the vote centers to remedy any ballot issues.

All ballots will be paper ballots, with the exception of those who may require assistance via an electronic vote machine.  All ballots will be mailed to the mailing address we have on file for each active registered voter, so be sure to update your mailing address with our office.   Also, remember to sign the return envelope, where indicated, and include a telephone number and/or email address to help us contact you if there is an issue with your signature.  Ballots of those whose signature is challenged cannot be counted until the signature is remedied.

Election staff will be present on Election Day and during Early Voting to assist those voters who require special amenities, did not receive a ballot for whatever reason, missed the deadline to register to vote and/or have issues with their ballot, etc..

To ensure that you receive a ballot, please make sure your mailing address is up to date and that you are a registered voter by visiting, or calling our office 435-743-6223; 435-864-2440.

Please note: No voter will be turned away due to not being registered, missing information, proof of identity and/or residency, etc..  In these cases a voter will be offered a provisional ballot on Election Day or during Early Voting.  By voting a provisional ballot it will allow the voter until the Monday after the Election to provide whatever information is needed so the Clerk’s Office can determine the voter’s eligibility.  If eligibility is verified, the ballot will be counted during the Canvass.  If the ballot cannot be counted the voter will be notified.

Voters needing assistance are encouraged to contact the Clerk’s Office and/or come in person during early voting or on Election Day.

This Flyer was mailed to every mailing address in Millard County in the year 2016 , which informed voters of the major change to vote by mail.   The Vote By Mail Path of Your Ballot  flyer shows the process of a ballot once it is mailed to the voter.

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