Millard County Departments

The Millard County Commission oversees the departments of the county that are not under the direct supervision of the other elected officials.

County government is established to serve the local needs of the people or rural areas outside incorporated cities. Counties may levy and collect taxes, conduct elections, enforce laws, purchase and control property, erect buildings necessary for the use of the county, provide for public health, safety and welfare, license businesses and trades, record property mortgages, deeds and other legal documents.

Our county government is headed by a board of three county commissioners. Each commissioner is elected for a four-year term. One of the three commissioners is chosen as chairperson each year. The Board of County Commissioners have legislative powers to enact ordinances, and executive powers to set the tax rate and adopt the annual budget, establish and enforce policies, contract and purchase, manage and sell property, levy and collect taxes. They are part-time (75%) commissioners. They appoint and serve on various committees and boards which serve the residents of Millard County.

County Departments

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