As of 2007 Millard County has 2,056.18 miles of road. Paved – 274.45 miles; Gravel – 845.70 miles; Dirt – 936.03 miles. We have employees, made up of truck drivers, equipment operators, mechanics,secretary and a supervisor. The Road Department owns equipment which consists of end dumps, belly dumps, graders, back hoes, loaders, dozers, scrapers, water trucks and paving equipment.

In the winter the road department is kept busy with snow removal and building up roads for summertime paving. In the summer roads are graded and patched, and gravel is crushed. Road signs are placed and magnesium chloride is applied to the extent the budget allows.


If you see a sign that is damaged, or if there is no sign where there should be one, please call (435) 864-2467 and let us know.

The Road Department works diligently to keep our roads in good condition.

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