Property Tax Pre-Payment Program

The pre-payment program has been set-up as a courtesy to help taxpayers pay their taxes over a longer period of time and to have most of their taxes paid prior to the holiday season. Millard County offers two options for pre-payment of property taxes:



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Automatic, recurring, annual or monthly payments processed by Instant Payments. Convenience fees may apply.

Annual Auto Bill Pay: The entire amount owed (less pre-payments and abatements) is withdrawn from your bank account or credit/debit card around November 15th each year (taxes are due November 30th.)

Monthly Auto Bill Pay: Your taxes for the upcoming year are estimated and split into 10 payments that are automatically withdrawn each month, January through September, on the day of the month that you choose. After you receive your tax bill in November, the final payment will cover all remaining taxes (less pre-payments and abatements) and will be withdrawn around November 15th (taxes are due November 30th.)

You will receive an email reminding you of each payment before it is withdrawn. You can discontinue the program at any time by contacting the Millard County Treasurer or Instant Payments.

The program will carry over to the next year automatically unless you notify the Millard County Treasurer or Instant Payments.


A set of pre-payment coupons is available to print here (enter your property tax account number/Print Forms/Pre-Payment coupons) or may be requested by contacting our office.

The pre-payment coupons are intended as a monthly guide to help you pay you property taxes in monthly installments; however, you may pay any amount at any time during the year and it will be credited to your property tax account. The property tax notice that is mailed to you in October, will show the total taxes charged, the total amount of pre-payments, and the balance due to pay the taxes in full by the November 30th deadline.

Any overpayment of current year taxes will be applied towards next years tax liability.

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