Entry of Plea

If you intend to enter a plea of guilty or no contest, and you live out of the area, a “Sentence by Mail/Email,” is available. Please enter your plea using the form below (Plea by mail is not available for DUI’s and Domestic Violence charges).

                 ***If your case is Mandatory you MUST contact the court.***

  1. Watch the following Rights video in your preferred language:

    – Defendant Rights Video (English)

    – Defendant Rights Video (Spanish) 


  1. The Entry of Plea Form includes the Rights, Instructions, and Waiver form, as well as the Right to Counsel form (Screening for a court-appointed Attorney is available if you are pleading not guilty to misdemeanor C and B charges). Both forms are available in English or Spanish, and all three forms will be submitted together and sent automatically to the Justice Court upon completion.

– Entry of Plea Form (English)

– Entry of Plea Form (Spanish)

Please submit your Rights Form and Right to Counsel Form (both included in the Entry of Plea form above) at least 48 hours prior to your Arraignment. If you are pleading Not Guilty your Arraignment date will be continued to a Pre-Trial Conference date.

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