The information contained herein is provided as required by Utah Statute, Section 59-2-1332.5 UCA.

Records of the Millard County Treasurer reflect unpaid 2023 taxes, certifications, and attachments which became delinquent on November 30, 2023 for the taxpayers and parcels listed. Penalties are imposed as required by Utah law, Section 59-2-1331 UCA. If the delinquent taxes, certifications, attachments and penalties remain unpaid after January 31, 2024 interest accrues at the rate established by Utah law, Section 59-2-1331 UCA, from January 1, 2024 until paid in full. Interest accrues on the full amount due, including the penalty amount.

This publication is intended to notify owners, lenders, and other interested parties of the delinquencies in an effort to facilitate correction of errors in the public record, if any, and to assure collection of delinquencies from appropriate parties. Please notify the Millard County Treasurer’s Office immediately if you do not agree with the information contained in this record.

If any property that is listed is part of a bankruptcy proceeding, the property is listed as information only – not a demand for payment.


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