• 2024 Election Candidates
      Filed Intent to Gather Signatures

      Notice of Intent to Gather Signatures for Candidacy (NIGS)

      Filed Intent to Gather Signatures   Filed for Office 
      Curt Hare NIGS 1-3-24 Commission Seat #3
      Russell M. Finlinson 1-4-24 Commission Seat #3

Voter Information Pamphlet (VIP)

Voter Information Pamphlet (VIP) Spanish

*County Offices – Required Signatures

The below signature requirements are for the following office up for election:

Party / # Signatures needed:

Constitution:  2

Democratic:  208

Independent American:  208

Libertarian:  1

No Labels:  1

Republican:  154

United Utah:  208

Utah Forward:  208

Unaffiliated:  300

Packets are due 14 days before the candidates’ party’s convention.

*Signatures must be from Millard County active registered voters with the same party affiliation as the candidate running for office – with the following exceptions:

  • Packets of Candidates affiliated with the Democratic Party, Independent Utah Party may also include all voters, regardless of party affiliation.


To view drop box locations visit: https://millardcounty.org/faq/drop-box/

2024 Election Results can be found on the 2024 Election Results page.


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