Codes: DC = Declaration of Candidacy; OIC = Out in Convention; RPC = Republican Party Candidate; OIP = Out in Primary; OIG = Out in General PFC = Pledge of Fair Campaign Practices; FCR = Financial Campaign Report.  The listed date is the date the form was filed in the Clerk’s Office.



County Attorney

Patrick S. Finlinson Elected

County Auditor

Bonnie L. Smith Elected

County Clerk

Marki Rowley Elected

County Commission Seat A

Vicki E. Lyman Elected

Evelyn M. Warnick OIP

County Commission Seat B

Dean William Draper: OIP

Jonathan “Johny” Munoz OIG

Trevor Johnson Elected

County Sheriff

Richard D. Jacobson Elected

Richard J. Carter OIG

School Board:

Millard School Board 4

Tiffany Nelson Elected

Craig Johnson OIG

Millard School District 5

Todd E. Holt  OIG

Ashel S. Young OIP

Sarah Richins – Elected

State & Federal:

For information on each judge visit: https://judges.utah.gov/  or https://knowyourjudges.utah.gov/s/


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