Meet The Team

Established in 2006, PXP is a unique collection of multi-disciplined designers and developers. We love to build. We love to be stretched. We love it when we can solve problems for our clients and partner agencies, and see it have a real impact in their business.

When you work with PXP you work direct with the developer. You might notice that there are no account managers or project managers on our team. That is because at PXP everyone is a project manager. Our proven process holds both the developer and the client accountable to each other.

Business Operations

Wylie Thomas

Managing Partner

Karin Franklin


Cody Deskins


Tennay Evans


Lead Developers

Christina Reynolds

Sr. Developer

Taylor Trevor

Sr. Developer

Erica Evans

Sr. Developer

Team Members

  • Emily Thomas, Operations¬† Assistant
  • Ira Burton, Sr. Developer
  • Bryan Scott, Developer
  • Keith Becraft, Sr. Developer
  • Alex Porter, Mid-level Developer
  • Cory Ross, Developer
  • Zac Neubert, Sr. Developer
  • Rich MacDonald, S. developer
  • Joe Whitehorn, Jr. Developer
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