Keeping Millard County Collection Sites Clean and Safe: KNOW THE RULES TO AVOID FINES

Millard County is known for its pristine landscapes and natural beauty, but it takes a community effort to keep it that way. One vital part of maintaining our environment is proper waste disposal, and the Millard County Landfill plays a significant role in this process. To ensure the collection sites’ efficiency and safety, there are specific rules that everyone must follow. In this article, we will outline these essential rules and the consequences of not abiding by them.

  1. NO Limbs or Stumps:

These materials are prohibited at the collection sites and should be taken to the Millard County Landfill. Disposing of them properly helps reduce waste and encourages environmental sustainability.

  1. NO Construction Debris, including Concrete:

Contractors and individuals undertaking construction projects are required to take construction debris to the Millard County Landfill.

  1. NO Batteries:

Batteries contain harmful chemicals and could leach into soil and pose significant environmental risk. All Batteries are to be taken to the Millard County Landfill as they are permitted, and they dispose of them properly.

  1. NO Dead Animals:

The collection sites are not an appropriate place for the disposal of dead animals. The potential health hazards and unsightly conditions that can result from this disposal make it essential to follow this rule strictly. Take all Dead Animals to the Millard County Landfill Flesh Pit.

  1. NO Appliances:

Old Appliances contain hazardous materials and should be taken to the Millard County Landfill.

  1. NO Dumping Truck Loads:

The collection sites have weight restrictions to ensure safe and efficient disposal. Dumping truck loads will exceed these limits and not allow residents to dump household waste. Please take excessive loads to the Millard County Landfill.

  1. NO Overloading:

Overloading bins with waste can be dangerous and cause environmental damage.

  1. NO Debris In Ash Pits- Ashes Only:

Ash pits are designated for ashes only, not general debris. Mixing debris with ashes can disrupt the collection sites and pose safety concerns. Be sure to use the appropriate disposal areas.

  1. NO Oil or Toxic Liquids:

Dumping oil or toxic liquids into the bins at the collection sites is strictly prohibited. These substances can contaminate the soil and groundwater, making them hazardous to the environment and public health.

  1. NO Scavenging:

Scavenging at the collection sites is not allowed. This rule helps maintain a safe environment for city and landfill workers and prevent unauthorized access to waste materials.

  1. NO Tires:

Tires should be disposed of at the Millard County Landfill or recycled at tire shops or recycling centers that accept used for proper disposal or recycling.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

To ensure that these rules are followed, we are in the process of installing cameras at the collection sites. Violations WILL result in fines. It is crucial for every resident to adhere to these guidelines to maintain the cleanliness and safety of our community.

If these rules continue to be disregarded, there is a possibility that the collection sites may be removed. In such a scenario, residents will need to transport all garbage directly to the landfill, which can be both inconvenient and costlier.

Conclusion: Proper waste disposal is essential for the well-being of our community and the preservation of Millard County’s natural beauty. By following the rules of the Millard County Landfill, we can collectively contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable environment. Let’s work together to ensure that our landfill and collection sites remain as an asset rather than a liability, for ourselves and for future generations.

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