All Millard County property tax notices are mailed by November 1st of each year. It is the property owner’s responsibility to provide the County with your current mailing address. If the post office fails to deliver your notice, it is the property owner’s responsibility to contact the County to request a duplicate copy.

Ownership changes on a parcel that has been recently sold may not have been completed prior to the time that tax notices were printed. In this circumstance, the tax notice will go to the previous owner. They are responsible for forwarding the tax notice to the new owner.

Property tax notices for parcels of property that are split during the year are prepared as of the January 1st lien date. In this circumstance, the recordation of deeds would determine where the original tax notice is mailed.

If you have questions or concerns about delivery of your property tax notice, please contact our office. You may also access current property tax information on your parcels(s) here PROPERTY TAX INFO.

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