Millard County uses a third party to process electronic payments. Electronic payments include debit/credit card payments and eCheck (debit from checking/savings account). Payments made electronically (either online or by telephone) will be charged a service/processing fee by the third party provider that processes the electronic payments.

The service/processing fee charged for debit/credit card transactions is 2.5% of the payment amount (minimum fee of $1.50); currently there is no fee charged for eCheck transactions.

When a debit/credit card is used there is a service/processing fee charged for processing the transaction. This service/processing fee covers the cost of the credit card transaction fee charged by the credit card companies. This fee does not come to Millard County. In most retail credit card transactions, the fee is paid for from the price of goods or services. However, Millard County cannot absorb the service/processing fee from taxes, nor are we willing to raise taxes in order to cover this fee.

When using electronic payments, please note that your payment will not be credited to your account until funds are received from the third party provider (typically 3-5 business days).

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