You do not have to select a political party affiliation when you register to vote.  If you do not wish to affiliate with a political party, just select “no party preference” or unaffiliated on your voter registration form.
Political parties in Utah may choose to close their primary elections (held in June of even-numbered years) and only allow those voters affiliated with their party to vote in their primary election.  If a voter wants to vote in a closed primary election that voter would need to affiliate with that particular political party, prior to Election Day.  (Party affiliation only pertains to partisan primary races held in even-numbered years. It does not apply to non-partisan primary races.)

Please Note: Millard County is a vote by mail county, therefore, all “active” registered voters will receive a ballot in the mail.  Prior to a closed Primary Election, voters will receive information and an option to change affiliation.  If the voter chooses not to change its affiliation at that time, an appropriate ballot (if available) will be sent to that voter.

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