Dates to be aware of for the Presidential Primary Election:

January 2

    • Last day for a Presidential Candidate to file as a write-in.
    • First day that a candidate may file their “intent to gather signatures” form.
    • Declaration of Candidacy opens for partisan candidates, unaffiliated candidates, local board of education candidates, and local district board candidates.


January 5

      • Last day to request to be placed on the “Do Not Mail” list for the Presidential Primary Election.


January 8

        • Declaration of candidacy and “intent to gather signatures” ends.
        • Last day for a candidate to file their intent to gather signatures form.


January 9

        • Last day to change party affiliation for the Presidential Primary and Regular Primary Election.
Ballot Drop Box Locations https://millardcounty.org/faq/drop-box/
Voters needing assistance with their mailed ballot If you cannot read or mark a mailed ballot, we can provide assistance or the use of a ballot marking device with accessible features (e.g. audio ballot, touch screen, large print, high contrast).  If you need assistance with voting your ballot or you have ballot issues, please contact the Millard County Clerk’s Office 435-743-6223; 435-864-2440
·         All ballots will be in the form of paper and will be mailed to each registered voter eligible to vote the upcoming Election.  If you have ballot issues: did not receive a ballot, tore or damaged your ballot, please contact the Clerk’s Office ASAP.

·         If you would prefer to vote in person, rather than mailing your ballot through the mail, please bring in the ballot that was mailed to you, along with a picture ID to one of the two vote centers during early voting or on Election Day;  OR

·         Personally drop your ballot in one of the outside drop boxes; 24 hours a day, up to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day (see locations above).  Drop boxes are a convenient way of returning your ballot without having to use a stamp to mail, or to avoid long wait lines at a vote center.

·         If mailing your ballot, it must be postmarked on or before the Monday before the election in order for it to be counted.

·         Ballots cannot be forwarded, not even from a street address to a post office box, or vice versa.  To ensure you receive your ballot, visit vote.utah.gov to make sure your mailing address is current.

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