Codes: OIP = Out in Primary; OIG = Out in General FCR = Financial Campaign Report.  The listed date is the date the form was filed in the Municipality’s Office.


Please note that not all city/town municipal candidates and/or information may appear on this page.  Please visit the website of the municipality to find more information on each candidate.


Candidates for Mayor: John Niles DC 6-3-21
Candidates for Council Member: Betty Jo Western DC 6-8-21

Kiley Chase DC 6-8-21


Candidates for Mayor: Michael D Holt DC 06-01
Candidates for Council Member: Dennis W. Alldredge DC 06-02

Curt Hare DC 6-7-21


Candidates for Mayor: Brian Florang DC 6-4-21
Candidates for Council Member: Thomas G. Miller 2 Yr DC 6-3-21

Leon Lewis 2 Yr DC 6-4-21

Kenneth A. Skeem 2 Yr DC 6-7-21

Danielle Carter DC 4 Yr DC 6-7-21

Holden UOCAVA Notice

Candidates for Mayor: Darren Fox DC 06-02-21
Candidates for Council Member: Phil Whatcott DC 06-04-21

David Wood DC 06-04-21


Candidates for Mayor: Frank T. Paxton DC 06-01

Deborah Hogan DC 06-02

TJ Lovato DC 6-7-21

Brian Scott McDonald DC 6-7-21

Candidates for Council Member: Rodney B. Whatcott DC 06-02

Susan Perkins DC 6-7-21

David Whitaker DC 6-7-21

Neil Levi Shumway DC 6-7-21

Leamington UOCAVA Notice

Candidates for Mayor: Russ Finlinson DC 6-3-21
Candidates for Council Member: Michael S. Lovell DC 6-7-21

Steven Holman DC 6-7-21


Candidates for Mayor: Briar Proctor DC 6-3-21

Andrew Dutson DC 6-8-21

Candidates for Council Member: Spencer Proctor DC 6-3-21

Justin Best DC 6-3-21

Matthew Dutson DC 6-8-21

Matthew Draper DC 6-8-21

Kathryn Lamb DC 6-8-21 2 Year


Candidates for Mayor: Dustan Starley DC 6-1-21

Gary Bishop DC 6-5-21

Candidates for Council Member: Leo Channing Stott DC 6-7-21

Carol Jean Stott DC 6-7-21

Lloyd Robison DC 6-7-21

Oak City 

Candidates for Mayor: Shim Callister DC 6-8-21
Candidates for Council Member: Stewart L. Rowley DC 6-3-21

Thomas S. Nielson DC 06-03-21

David Steele DC 6-7-21


Candidates for Mayor: Aaron Palmer DC 6-2-21

Thomas C. Memmott DC 6-4-21

Paull B. Gunderson DC 6-7-21

Candidates for Council Member: Bryce Monroe DC 6-7-21

Dallen Quarnberg DC 6-7-21

Richard H. Probert DC 6-7-21

Shannon Gilman DC 6-7-21

Diego Magdaleno DC 6-7-21


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