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Many areas of Millard County are currently under Fire Restriction Orders.

These orders prohibit the following acts:

  • Campfires or open fires outside of agency improved and maintained campgrounds and home sites.
  • Discharging of fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices outside of incorporated city limits (city specific restrictions may apply).
  • Shooting of exploding targets or tracer ammunition.
  • Cutting, grinding, or welding of metal in areas of dry vegetation.
  • Use of off-highway vehicles, chainsaws, or internal combustion engines without a working and properly maintained spark arrestor (if required).
  • Smoking near vegetation or outside of a developed recreation site, personal vehicle, or building.
  • Use of sky lanterns, fire balloons, acetylene balloons or similar device.

Please see the specific orders for additional information:

Bureau of Land Management – West Desert

State of Utah – Central Area

USDA Forest Service – Fishlake National Forest


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